Question:  Can I cruise with my BocaShade extended?


Answer:  You can cruise with BocaShade fully extended if it is stern mounted for models MDX5 and MDX6 up to wind speed of 50MPH.  For MDX7 stern mounted, you can cruise with only the first or the second stage extended.  You cannot cruise with MDX7 when it is fully extended.  You cannot cruise with any BocaShade when it is bow mounted



Question:  Can I mount BocaShade on a T-Top with a soft canvas top?


Answer:  If the tube frames on the T-Top are parallel, then you can mount BocaShade.  You can mount BocaShade above or below the tube frames of your T-Top

Question:  Can I mount BocaShade on my hardtop if it has a curve or a crown?

Answer:  Yes. BocaShade can be mounted on a curved surface of your hardtop.  The brackets can rotate to adjust to the surface of your hardtop.

Question:  How wide can you make the shade?

Answer:  We can fabricate your BocaShade up to 83" inch width C-C. This is the Center to Center distance between the telescopic poles.  Please call us if you are considering something wider than 83" in width

Question:  Is there extra charge for customer canvas colors?

Answer:  Most popular Sunbrella canvas colors are available in our warehouse.  Not all colors are available in your desired shade width.  


Question:  Can I mount BocaShade on my boat if I have rod holders?

Answer:  Yes.  BocaShade can be mounted so that the canvas roller can be positioned in front or behind the rod holders.

Question:  How quickly can I get my BocaShade?

Answer:  We need about two weeks to ship your shade.  If you need expedited service, we can work with our partners to meet your request at an extra charge.

Question:  Can I trailer my boat with BocaShade installed on it?

Answer:  Trailering your boat with BocaShade installed will cause damages and will void any warranty.  If you are trailering your boat with BocaShade installed where wind speed can exceed 50MPH, you need to secure your BocaShade so that it won't be deployed and cuase damages.  We offer boot cover to secure your BocaShade while trailering.