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Benefits of Retractable Boat Shades

Updated: May 25, 2022

There aren't many things that are more fun and relaxing then spending a day on the water. Hearing the wind whistle around your ears, feeling the spray of water on your skin, and basking in the sun's warmth as the boat glides through the water.

A retractable boat awning can take your boating experience to a whole new level and is perfect for any fishing or pleasure boat; providing extra shade for family fun all day. The BocaShade retractable awning is built for cruising, and deploys or retracts in seconds. There are no poles, ropes or dangerous clutter to get in your way while fishing or just enjoying a day on the water.

For this reason, BocaShade retractable boat awnings are great additions to your boat, ensuring that you and your family enjoy the best days on the water.

What are retractable boat shades?

These are installments or awnings that serve as shades for your boat. Whenever you don't need them, you can retract them and have the open air all to yourself.

There are four main categories of retractable boat shades.

Bimini tops are metal-framed awnings with open-fronted tops for the cockpit. They're very adjustable.

Enclosure curtains are mostly made of acrylic or vinyl. Attached to the sides or shade-top frame, they provide a lot of shade for your boat.

Boom awnings are crafted for large boats and come with metal frames.

Boat dodgers usually have clear windows inset the canvas material. They are firmly attached to boat frames.

Retractable boat shades have several benefits, some of which are highlighted below:


Retractable boat shades are versatile in size and installation. As a result, they come in several designs that perfectly fit a wide range of boat manufacturers.

For BocaShade Awnings, accurately measuring the width of your boat top is easy to do in a few simple steps. Follow the instructional videos below for boats equipped with a Hard Top or a Soft Canvas Top. When placing your order online, enter the shade width in inches so that your shade can be made accurately to fit your boat top.

Weather versatility

With a retractable boat shade, you can easily adjust the awning to the realities of the weather condition and your mood.

Rainy weather? You're covered. After the downpour, when the cool breeze sets it, you can retract the awning to make the best of the weather and even enjoy the sights of the clear skies.

Too sunny? You're equally covered. Set up the covering easily, and hey presto! You're protected from the worst of the sunlight. And, when the heat eases up a bit, you can retract the shade.

All-purpose utility

Whether you're simply on a fishing expedition or you're out on a boat cruise, a retractable boat shade is precisely what you need to enjoy the moment to its fullest.

BocaShade Latest Technologies

  • Patented design

  • Telescoping design to minimize use of space

  • Retractable gear driven system is easy to operate

  • No poles, ropes or dangerous clutter to get in the way

  • Customizable to fit existing boat top

BocaShade Engineering

Retractable, simple and hassle-free

  • Constructed from stainless steel and rugged, light-weight aluminum

  • Features fade-proof Sunbrella® marine canvas for long-lasting durability

  • Permanently mounts to either the bow or stern of your boat top

  • Extends and retracts in less that 30 seconds

  • Available in sizes of 5', 6', and 7' in length (standard width size is 60")

  • Wind tested up to 50 MPH (5' and 6' length only)

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