Accurately measuring the width of your boat top is easy to do in a few simple steps.  Follow the instructional videos below for boats equipped with a Hard Top or a Soft Canvas Top.  When placing your order online, enter the shade width in inches so that your shade can be made accurately to fit your boat top.

How Do I Know What Shade Width Would Work For My Boat Top?



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Loaner Centering Tool (Now Available At Your Request)

  • Centering tool telescopically adjusts to your shade width (C-C).

  • Keeps the shade frame parallel for alignment and installation on your boat top.

  • Make your installation job go faster, easier, and with accuracy so you can get on

    the water faster

  • A deposit of $299 is required and will be refunded when the tool is returned.

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We recommend that you use our C-C centering loaner tool for your DIY installation. However, if you decide not to use our loaner tool, see below installation tip.


Cut a length of wood to center and keep the shade frame parallel while aligning the shade on your boat top.

How To Determine The Length Of The Wood Piece?


For Aluminum Shade
• Subtract 1-13/16” from the C-C shade

width used to order your BocaShade.


For Stainless Steel Shade
• Subtract 2” from the C-C shade width

used to order your BocaShade.

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