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Boat Extended Sun Shade

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Spending a full day on the water is one the our favorite things to do, however, the sun's fiery rays can quickly turn a joyful day on the boat into an uncomfortable, sweltering heat-fest. Luckily, BocaShade has got your covered, literally!

Why do I Need a Boat Extended Sun Shade?

Here are some reasons why you need a boat extended shade:

For sun safety

Having a boat extended shade onboard while boating is a crucial aspect of sun safety. BocaShade is devoted to safe boating by offering boat extended shades that provide exceptional sun protection for boaters.

For leisure

If you're on a boating cruise, enjoying time with family and friends, you can turn the deck into a mini-lounge for a better hang out experience.

With a boat extended shade, your friends and family will stay out for longer, and you can enjoy the social experience as much as the glorious atmosphere.

For site seeing

With a boat extended shade, you can enjoy watching the coast, sunset and anything else you enjoy. Also, if you'll be on the water by nighttime, the retractable canvas is excellent, so you can observe the open night sky.

Flexibility in different weather conditions

Sometimes, it's not all that hot. There's a fine line between enjoyable sunbathing and actual sunburn.

With a boat extended shade, you can enjoy the best of the weather and avoid the worst of it.

Is the sun slightly warm and feels great on your skin? BocaShade's retractable boat shades have got you covered.

Is the sun too hot, leaving you at risk of sunburn? Our boat shades offer the perfect protection, whatever the weather.

Excellent return on investment

By installing a boat extended shade on your vessel, you directly up its market value.

An extended shade is a cool accessory for your boat, looks great from the harbor, and adds considerable monetary value to it.

So, if and when you decide to sell your boat, you can be sure of landing the maximum value for it!


A boat extended shade is the ultimate boat accessory. While many might be put off by the costs, it's worth every penny.

Bocashade Design

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

  • Developed by an avid offshore fisherman for use in the tough marine environment

  • Provides a simple solution to protect the family and fellow fisherman from the harsh elements

  • Extends your time on the water. Never again let too much sun or a passing shower ruin a perfect day on the water

  • Space saving design - always ready when you need it, yet fully retractable and out of the way when not needed

  • Designed to meet the needs of any boater

  • Available in several Sunbrella® marine canvas colors

Bocashade Engineering

• Retractable, simple and hassle-free

• Retractable, simple and hassle-free

Bocashade Innovation

The Latest Technologies

  • Patented design

  • Telescoping design to minimize use of space

  • Retractable gear driven system is easy to operate

  • No poles, ropes or dangerous clutter to get in the way

  • Customizable to fit existing boat top

And, as far as boat shades go, we offer you the best comfortable boat convenience at affordable prices. Explore our options or contact us for further inquiries.


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