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Boca Shade EXPRESS with Carrying Case - White

Boca Shade EXPRESS with Carrying Case - White

Introducing the NEW Boca Shade EXPRESS Portable Shade! Shade that you can take with you from vessel to vessel. Choose a location where you need shade the most and mount your shade to your hard top, gunnels or existing rod holders with our custom accessories (sold separately). Whether you need shade on the aft deck, overhead, or over the water, enjoy the 5’ x 6’ shade area provided. White canvas material compliments any boat color and protects you from direct sun when properly positioned. Expertly designed with a durable powder-coated, extruded aluminum housing and clear-coated, anodized aluminum tubes that resist corrosion and preserve the look and finish of your shade over time.  Extend your time on the water! Protect and provide shade and comfort for yourself and your passengers.


This shade requires additional accessories (sold separately), choose from our various custom mounting accessories so that you have everything you need for convenient and portable shade on demand.  Combine your Boca Shade EXPRESS Portable Shade with either our Fixed or Adjustable Shade Holder for use with existing rod holders. The shade can also be mounted to a gunnel rod holder with the use of a required Gunnel Rod Holder Adapter, or select our hard top mount to designate a permanent spot for your shade.


NOTE:  Boca Shade EXPRESS Portable Shade is designed to be used only while stationary. Vessel must be docked or anchored before the shade can be mounted or deployed. The shade must be completely disassembled and removed from its mount before any departure. Do not use Boca Shade EXPRESS Portable Shade while underway. Use of Boca Shade EXPRESS Portable Shade in the gunnel without the required adapter may cause serious injury or damage and will void your warranty.


  • Quick assembly, stores compactly, portable shade

  • Mounts to hard top, gunnels or existing rod holders (required accessories sold separately)

  • Includes carrying case for storage when not in use

  • Powder-coated & clear-coated, anodized aluminum for enhanced durability

  • Shade area 5’ W x 6’ L

  • Made in the USA

  • White shade

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